These are just a sample of the testimonials we have from our loyal clients:

I have been working with Topnotch since 2003 and owe most of my grading/marking knowledge to them. The team at topnotch has taught me a lot about what I am passing and even how I can improve my production. They are very hands-on, knowledgeable and speedy when needed. I have worked with TN at two different companies and each time it they have excelled my expectations. It is hard to find good people in this industry but Topnotch is definitely one of them!

K.Dowling, Reed Krakoff / Coach

We have been dealing with the personnel of Top Notch Pattern Service for our marking and grading needs for more than twenty years. The long standing relationship is a testament to their skill, attentiveness to detail and their ability to deliver a timely, cost effective service.

Patra Ltd.

Top Notch Pattern Service has been doing our domestic marking and grading since we opened our doors, almost 2 ½ years ago. They have become our “go to guys”. They work very closely with our design team, and never seem to disappoint them. They are always available to answer and advise on any situation that comes up. I highly recommend them for their professionalism.

Jeffrey Stein Soho Apparel/ Flirtatious


The most important commodity in our industry is equity. Through their expertise and excellent service, they have created and solidified an equitable 10 year relationship with Betsey Johnson. Anthony and his team members’ unparalleled attention to detail and consistent on-time performance allows them to lead in the marking/grading industry. Till this day, Top Notch Pattern continues to exceed service standards. I confidently stand by their service and will recommend them to anyone.

Betsey Johnson LLC
Aixza Valmon-Domestic Production Manager

I have work with Top Notch Pattern service for over 20 years with three different companies and the attention to detail and on time performance is second to none. I would not consider working with any other company then them.

George Leonardi
Production Manager / Danny and Nicole