There are no standard sample sizes in the garment or pattern industry. Each manufacturer sets its own base pattern measurements and grading based on a specific customer base.

Size-to-size grades for patterns or garments usually differ within a company’s product line. Grades typically go 1″ from 0-10, 1″1/2 from 12-16 and 2″ up from the 18 with a 1/4″ length from size to size. So a size 4 will only be graded down 1″. to produce a size 2.. This is why one company’s size 8 can be different from another’s (i.e., different base pattern measures) and why the difference between a size 8 and 10 vary from one company to the next. Standard industry grade on Small to Xlarge would be 2″ in circumference up and down with a 1/2″ length from size to size.
It’s important to remember that grading only makes a shape larger or smaller and isn’t intended to change a shape. Grading also reflects the fact that individuals of different sizes are proportionately different, not uniformly different. When we grade up or down, we don’t merely make everything equally larger or smaller. Instead, we take into account that different body parts increase at different and proportional amounts.

We can also grade off of your spec or follow a customer’s spec or just stick with the industry standard, Please give us a call if you have any question so we can explain in further detail.

What’s the difference between Grading and Alteration:
Grading is used to increase or decrease a size, based on an average difference between sizes. Alteration is used to make a particular size conform to an individual’s personal figure challenges