Apparel Marker making service

In most garments the cost of materials used accounts for about 70 % of the cost of the garment and every inch saved reflects directly on your bottom line. Not only does the marker maker have to place the patterns optimally on the fabric but also has to take into consideration the limitations of the fabrics and design requirements of the garment like plaid matching, mitering, one way print’s etc. Every cutting room parameter as well as fabric characteristics have to be accounted for while arriving at the optimal marker. Our marker makers have the required experience to help you achieve substantial savings in your cutting room. We can also do consumption calculation for costing garments accurately.

After a pattern has been graded into the many size categories required by a customer, a marker must be made before cutting any given design. A marker is a mixing of many pattern sizes drawn on to a dotted roll of paper prior to cutting any design. Having a marker made it means that the design you will have the best utilization of your fabrics saving you money every time you cut your pattern. The many year’s of experience Top Notch Pattern Service has producing markers for many types of products including pants, t-shirts- Jeans, jackets, shirts, blouses, pants, vests, dresses and more in New York’s Garment Center and oversea’s.

A good marker maker will always check that every pattern piece is in the system prior to making a marker. Knowing that all pattern pieces and pattern information is correct according to the Cutter’s Must Card submitted by the costumer will insure that the marker made for a specific style will have the best possible fabric yardage when cutting production.

Production markers made with mixed sizes will normally take less fabric yardage versus making a one-way marker were pattern pieces are not interlocked with one another therefore utilizing more fabric yield.
In conclusion, We at Top Notch Pattern Service, offer professional services to clients that bring there grading and marking needs to us. At Top Notch we are capable of rendering cost effective marker for the manufacturing of any given design